Purpose of the conference

Culture can contribute to new growth and new employment opportunities as well as to revitalisation of rural communities and can be seen as a developmental resource. Culture, which is valued and recognised by the local community as having developmental potential, can be called “cultural values with developmental potential”.
The identification and effective management of local cultural values support to develop non-massive rural cultural tourism destinations that generate new income and jobs in tourism. Starting from this approach, the aim of this international conference is to debate the way in which we see, think and undertake culture and cultural values management research, policy and practices.

The conference is of interest to researchers, policy makers and rural development experts who have experiences in cultural tourism, community development and cultural values management.
The conference will encompass presentations, posters, sessions and study visit where the participants can share their knowledge on supporting the development of rural areas through cultural tourism.
The conference will aim to bring together everyone, from politicians, practitioners, local and regional representatives, experts, researchers and businesses.

Indicative questions of the Conference include:
-    How can rural areas benefit from the possibilities offered by local culture?
-    What has to be done to integrate cultural tourism products into rural attractions?
-    What are the special needs and interests of different subgroups of tourists?
-    How can we motivate local communities in offering cultural tourism?
-    What is the role of national and regional development policy on supporting local initiatives?
The themes that could be considered are as follows:
-    Responsible tourism
-    Development policies on local initiatives of cultural tourism
-   Cultural tourism in rural areas, motivating tourists

The participation in the conference is free of charge, but preliminary registration is necessary.  
Travel and accommodation expenses shall be covered by conference participants themselves.
The conference is co-financed by the South East Europe Programme and the European Union.